Well now, let's have a look at Adisutjipto Pilots Trainer Base
Mrs. Andu, as interpreter temporarily attached to the Dutch Embassy did the talking 
Asking the pilots for a picture. Non smoking ofcourse !! Dilarang Merokok !!
Groundcrews take care that the pilots can take-off safely
After the logo's let's have a look at the planes
This one is a Beechcraft Turbo Mentor type T-34C-1 
This is so nice to see ! You only meet them here with their Indonesian roundels... 
... because they hardly ever will fly outside Indonesia. Here in shelter and on the runway
They are also capable and used for landings on grass terrain, as well as the asphalt 
A last view on the mentor...    ... and a first on this beauty trainer 
This one is a type KT-1B
No really, not delivered by 'Pilatus Switzerland' ...
... but it comes from South Korea
It's a quite manageble plane, and we enjoyed the many flights this day
In spite of the temperature of 40 (!) degrees celcius. Therefor all the shelters, to cool off... 
... and do all the jobs to be done like refuelling.
We end up with some relics, left an old T-34, right a cessna T-41 Mescalero
Quite next to this Skyhawks were situated, but we were not allowed to picture these... pity !!
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