(1)La Nave Giuseppe Garibaldi (2)

All items are special. Three days at GARIBALDI is most special !     
a Dutch Aviation Support publication 
   PILOOT EN VLIEGTUIG (NL) & 'AERO Magazine'  (Hu)
Part 2:: Harriers fly and practice on deck 

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Marina version of the Harrier, here the twin-seater on the back-deck. 
Once landed, take position, let the engine run ... 
Immediately the AV-8 gets refuelled and blows the water away with his engines  
Lot of parking movements, mind the wingtips boys ...
This day the weather was fine, the mood was good aboard !
Pilot gets out, and every colour deck-guy has his own tasks
Nice view, notice the chains to avoid the plane moving from it's place
Parked along the side and on the back, the job is done !
Parked on the very end of the deck it seems to fall off...
But believe me, they don't ! Gracious they change deck for lift-off
Approaching sideways first... and than to their spot to land
To be refuelled quickly and choose the air again
AV-8B a second before it leaves the ship
It's a mighty sight just a few meters in front of you to witness
The centerfold of AERO Magazine
Monotonous ? No !
This one has two different numbers, very seldom seen 
Rainwater gets blown from the deck, see left below where the plane landed 
The dual-seater takes it's position
And nightflying is even more imposing in the moonshine !
A very busy day comes to an end. Let's go to next morning. See page 3
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