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We are most proud to present to you the INDONESIAN AIRFORCE 2008 !
Fuerza Aerea Spain published this mega article !
 Brother to brother in take off...
An Indonesian Hawk                                    Base Commander Dede Rusamsi 
Skadron 3: F-16 / Skadron 14: F-5  / and Skadron 15: Hawk aeroplanes
A young pilot reached the 1000 Hrs flying at his F-5 Tiger !!
Both one and two-seater F-5, and a statue of Pilot Iswahjudi after whom the base is named 
It took a long time and road to achieve our goals and accreditations, but finally: 
 Enjoy our EXTENDED photo impression in several parts !s


Realize that this reportage is very special,few people get access to Indonesian Defense Forces
Here some Indonesian F-16's at Iswahjudi AFB, Madiun East Java
Our fortune was both one-, and two-seater 
Pilots, groundcrews and staff received us extremely friendly !
A view at the Iswahjudi Tower, and some F-5 'Tigers' 
The F-5's demonstrated us low flying, and parachute landings
After every flight there is a large ground crew for checking out the machine
Iswahjudi Tower and Main building, and a plate in front of it
Some badges taken from the shoulders of the pilots
This is a special CELEBRATION !!!
A young pilot reached his 1000 Hrs on the F-5 and gets a speech from the Basecommander
Also he gets a special badge, and a golden ring - as well as a special treatment !
He is honoured by all squadronmates with water, flowers and... eggs in his flightsuit !!
Finally some squadron pictures are taken before he can have a nice shower and clean clothes
Next to the F-16 and F-5 Iswahjudi houses the Hawk, hardly ever seen somewhere
Also this type was flown for our benefit, nice to see ! 
Base Commander Dede Rusamsi was given a presentation and several interviews followed with pilots
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