The Naval brother-magazine of Fuerza Aerea published also:
The story of the Maritime Patrols along Indonesian coast and over territorial waters
Checking ships on routes, cargo and legality and routine 'showing flag'  
Most used for this purpose are the Nomad and Aviocar 
Fuerza Naval from Spain reports about Indonesia Navy - AVIOCAR
We show you this publication, and also a very extended photographic impression
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We flew the AVIOCAR to make air-to-air pictures of the NOMAD type
The article also shows the DHC Buffalo. Also in this special a 'Special Army Buffalo'
Mind the nose of this NC-212 equipped with Forward Looking Infra Red
Scroll down to read the extended article and see 10 pages of photo impressions 
We were guest all day, were offered delicious specialties and spoke to the Staff and Pilots of the base
We held a presentation on screen, explained a lot of things, and ofcourse 'The Picture'
Let's have a look at the planes at Juanda. We start with the Socata (EADS) TB-10 Tobago GT
Who wouldn't want to fly this nice trainer ?  
Equipped with a Hartzell adjustable propellor. But we were to fly other types today.

  We sincerely thank Indonesian Navy for flying us in three types of aircraft !

First we flew around the base in this NB412-SP Bell
After a 25 minutes flight, Kees thanks the pilot, work proceeds.
Some logo images of Skuadron 200 - 400 - 600 and 800
A De Havilland Buffalo on the concrete
We were allowed to fly this NC-212 Aviocar
A patrol mission over sea, and air-to-air with a Nomad
Meanwhile ships were checked out on route, cargo and possible pollution
View in the cockpit, and a board mechanic checks his equipment for pollution in the water and other things
When somethings is wrong or suspected, a Naval vessel is near and can take immediate action
This is how Juanda Naval Air Base looks from above, tower and platform
A Gannet relic on a traffic roundabout. later on we made shots from the ground...
A View To A Kill... Again platforms and Tower / main building
Nice to find different colour-scemes   A row of Aviocars under a sun-shelter
We were lucky concerning the weather, all the activities on the field...
... and all the cooperation we got. next flight: NOMAD !
In fact also a routine flight
Over land an over sea
And again in direct contact with the Warship lft picture, right corner
And in this case the air-to-air pictures were made from the Aviocar
Koos Heemskerk pictured the cockpit and flying on to the runway.
Kees flew this simulator for Tobago and Tampico types, he flew his round and landed safe !
This Bolkow always wanted to get in the paper...   Both to be repainted machines
In between other types of aircraft were noticed such as this Fokker, and a Bonanza in the hangar
Finally we finish with this 'Hound' (L) and an old preserved 'Wasp' (R)...
... and we'd like to thank all Staff, Pilots and Crew for this wonderful day at NAS Juanda !! 
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