M-28 BRYZA - A POLISH IMAGE          

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Dutch Aviation MEDIA 2010

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Ths story of a medium transport and utility Polish aircraft: M-28 Bryza
Please do enjoy our article and photographic impression below
Most of the M-28's in this story are based on Gdynia (left) and Siemirowice (Tower right)
Siemirowice shows us an AN-28B-1R (l), and an AN-28 BIS versionwhich is 24/7 on alert (r)  
The Bryza is very suitable for all kind of missions and equipment that can be mounted
 The Polish Skytrucks are seen in pretty various colorscemes and paintings
 A few examples of tails with memorable facts, and a nice3 30 EMW Siemirowice logo
Gdynia (l)houses Polish Navy Antonovs, and Siemirowice as well, almost neighbours (r)
 A good view how the hatches can be opened for dropping paratroopers
 Some logo's once more, a.o. from PZL the manufacturer (read the article) 
 Siemirowices platform, where we had an exclusive visit.  
 Crews are always willing to pose proud in front of their airplanes
Ready to be taken into the air, for one of the naval missions...  and airborne !
One final view on this platform with modern hangars for parking and maintainance
Indonesia also uses the M-28, there is also some variety in engines (article)
 An AN-28-1R airborne, and (r) a radar-nosed '28' (Picture Polish AF) 
 Thanks to Koos Heemskerk we can enjoy this green-camo example
Finally a view on the upper- and lower part of a cockpit version
 We fly away now, hopefully to a next article about Polish Airforce in general, once.....
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