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Several independent European aviation magazines dedicated an article on this new developed plane !

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AERMACCHI DID IT AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Italian Aermacchi Factory can be proud on this new product ! We published: 
After these praising words of Giulio Mainini of the 'Aermacchi Pilot Club' we present:

A photographic impression and complete articles, do scroll down:

Impression: Dutch Aviation MEDIA BV publishes in several European Aviation Magazines
We published extended reportages about the Aermacchi M-346 and the M-311...
... Visit the individual magazines on our mainpage to read all about it the M-346
This exellent new designed Aermacchi plane is very compact, easy to maintain... 
... very low cost to fly and to be used for small defense or attack tasks as well...
... and last but not least: Very nice to see ! Aermacchi's M-346 'The Other Daredevil' 
iScroll down for our photographic impression about this medium sized giant !
A complete new trainer with excelling prospects !
Here you see the machine in a test environment, and later flown by a test-pilot
And yes, ofcourse it can make long distances by refuelling air-to-air
After every flight the machines is checked, looked after, on every small detail
View in the cockpit. First time this wing-fuselage concept is integrated in a trainer
The project started in 1993 with Yakovlev, and resulted in a fine demonstrater 
Some other views of the prototype
And a safe landing of the training giant
Presented to high society and related people, Government, Aermacchi 
Testing and flying, over and over again
Surprise: As M-346-K Aermacchi shows to have an excellent Light-Fighter as well !
Various arms can be carried, such as Iris-T, short range air-air missile (Fire and Forget)
And day after day, testing... testing... testing... and posing sometimes !
Testing refuelling, all possible aspects, plane in - plane out....
Simple manual checks, up till very specific technical tests on each single part
Along the Aermacchi factory, and proud on the concrete: Many, many happy landings, M-346 !!
In time, we'll see this machine appear elsewhere in Europe on airshows may we hope !
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