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Superbase Talavera la Real - Spain


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Ptisi Greece published about the 'Living Legend' F-5 Tiger 
dWe show you our article and photographic impression
Also the story of Rosa Garcia, female pilot !
Do enjoy our photographic impression of Superbase talavera la Real and Rosa Garcia
In Spain the F-5 ‘Tiger’ will continue flying some years to come
Tigers on the platform
Noses and tails on a row
F-5's are being prepared for flights on the platform
The trainers taxi to the runway with opened canopies
Nice view from out of the tower to see them pass below you
Talavera la real has it's own maintainance
Facilities in all aspects are forseen.                                      In the attack role here the gun is mounted
Pilots who just trained return to the buildings, a falcon just landed. These guys seek some shadow... 
The tower is well equipped and manned
Meanwhile other pilots get their gear and prepare for a new trainingflight
The planes are refuelled and taken care of by the groundcrews


Rosa steps in the cockpit, helped by the groundcrew
She straps, mounts her helmet and makes some final checks
The instructor acts similar
CASA C-101 Aviojet for 120 hours for elementary jet training
We were lucky to witness this visit of three of them !
Ofcourse there is simulator facility...
...to do first 'dry-practicing' 
Talavera is a real nice base with 'good looks' like these preserved guards on poles
Talavera is no weapons training school but the squadron’s do conduct training with simulated aerial fights and ground attack techniques. First basic fighter manoeuvres are on the menu and F-5’s take alternating the aggressor or interceptor role or Air-to-air or Air-to-ground operations. Finally missions will be scheduled on the Zaragoza shooting range using dummy bombs with similar fall characteristics as real bombs and dummy sidewinders on the wingtips. Next to this the F-5’s can carry a dart on the wing for target towing. When a cadet graduates he will be a lieutenant and will gain some 100 flying hours experience on the F-5 in nine months.
Shining silver T-bird in the green grass !
Left the 'Hall of Fame' with all instructors, right the plates of visitors
mFinally some badges and the memorial of Ala 23
Dear Rosa, we wish you and your collegues all the best with your course. Many happy landings !
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