FOKKER 60 THE DUTCH DREAM               

 Pilot and Plane Military reports in edition #2 about the Dutch product Fokker 60

In a few cases we only modestly contribute in a specific article. This is one of them.

As described by the author in this article, the RNLAF was in need of a plane like Fokker 60 end of last century
It should be used for transport of material, paratroopers and medivac missions
To us in The Netherlands the Fokker has a warm place in our hearts...
Here the U-06 was pictured at RIAT, Royal International Air Tattoo at Fairford UK during departure
... because Fokker was our glory for many years in the past.
This picture belongs to Market Garden 2009, Soesterberg Airbase boarding paratroopers for a dropping
Apart from this fine article of our P&P Military collegues, we show you a few extra images of this fine plane.
It is used in many occasions still. For the benefit of the fans of this marvellous plane we add some images
Enjoy this small photographic impression of FOKKER 50/60 !!
Fokker 60 MPA.....
....   showing a very large cargo door. It's literly a flying cargo-tube ! (to Peru)
This Fokker 50 is the 'Robbie Wijting'. Every plane gets it's own name, for identity and historical overview.
U-03 also went to Peru (left). The U-06 is parked on the homebase Eindhoven (right)
Ofcourse we also find civil versions, here a Fokker 50 at Malta Luca. Nickname 'Miniliner'.
If you reside in Holland once, do visit the 'Lelystad Airport' and museum 'Aviodrome'. It's worth while !
Many old planes are exhibited, such as a Spitfire and a real Constellation !
I guess the biggest fan of this machine is Cees 'De Bak' Bakker, pilot himself and convinced this is the only 'real plane' !!
Hard to imagine that 'Lelystad Airport' will be a major player in Aviation land soon, but it will be ! Fly in yourself ?
Fokker 50 , the U-05 - Eindhoven Airbase 2010 in it's hangar. It's called Fons Aler, architect of the post-war Airforce
Robbie Wijting by the way is called after General A.J.W. Wijting, Commander Tactical Airforce
A final view in the cockpit  (credits Fokker) .....
...... and this was it folks. We say goodbye with one parked and one 'three greens and landing', and a final picture:
Last picture concerns the predecessor plane of the Fokker 50/60, the F-27. Many similarities to the Fokkers 50/60
but still it's own identity. This example is the 'Gate-Guard' in front of Eindhoven Airbase in The Netherlands.
We hope you liked the impression. Thanks for your attention !