DC-6B pride of the 'FLYING BULL'S' !!  



Dutch Aviation Support visited 'The Flying Bulls' & spoke with Mr. Harald Reiter, Managing Director

DC-6, a very special historic glossy plane, kept up-to-date and willing to fly !

The story of the 'Old Lady', well taken care of in Hangar 8 - Salzburg
rDo visit this marvellous aviation museum in a wing contour, made of mostly glass !

PPlease do follow us on a photographic impression below to honour this 'Flying Bull' P

What a beauty !!
Flying narrow over the Austrian snow in the mountains, and like she takes the color of the clouds
Mr. Harald Reiter, General manager of the 'Flying Bull's' at his office in Salzburg
'Never seen before' maintainance 'HANGAR 8' iiiiii Exposition HANGAR-7
The passengers interior of this beauty normally remains 'secret' only for VIP's. For this one occasion Dutch Aviation Support was granted to show these two interior pictures.
The cockpit, classic model No digital displays
Inside, outside, even the wheel hatches, it's all shining and proper !
A look at the engines, what a sight to see them starting up !
4 Pratt & Whitney R2800CB-3 take this lady in the air !
Here she flies, accompanied by an Alpha Jets out of the 'Flying Bull's collection
The beautifull building of glass and steel, the hangars in the shape of a wing
A mighty view inside, exposed airplanes and helicopters of all kind all over the place
A conversationroom high under the top shows you all beneath it like this shining helicopter
Perhaps we can report again, about this waterplane, or the logistics outside...
The Flying Bulls have a fleet of four hardly ever seen Alpha jets in the collection
We hope to report about them in future !!
Finally: The DC-6B as guest at the Airshow at Kecskemet Hungary 

Lengte:                                  32,2 m.


Hoogte:                                 8,9 m.


Spanwijdte:                           35,8 m.

Max. Weight:

Max. Gewicht:                       47.000 kg.

Max. Speed:

Max. Snelheid:                      555 km/u

Cruise speed:

Kruissnelheid:                       465 km/u

Economical speed:

Economische snelheid:       435 km/u op 20.000 ft.

Engines: Motoren:                                4 Pratt & Whitney R2800CB-3
Engine type:

Motor type:                            18 cylinder double Wasp


Propeller:                              Hamilton standard, (3) 

Power: Vermogen:                            2500 Pk (met water-methanol)

Thank you Mr. Reiter for your time and stories - We hope to meet again in future !

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