About the Indian AF many articles were published, a.o. Piloot en Vliegtuig:

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The Story about 'King Elephant', the flying gas-station
IL-78 flying, has a seamless cooperation with the Flanker fighters
The hughe MIDAS IL/78MKI in the landing at Waddington UK
Read the article and see our impressions below:
Crusaders Sukhoi 30MKI practiced at Waddington, here on and above the runway
Mighty Courageous Crusaders Sukhoi 30MKI - Below the Press conference

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Commander Shreesh Mohan of the Indian Airforce between French Commanders during exercise 
SU-30 MKI passes the tower of Istres, so does his opponent the French Mirage
The pride of Indian Airforce ! On tour in Europe to meet friendly airforces and exchange experiences
Believe me, they are really huge when you stand next to these superbe machines !
Back from a mission, and parked on the concrete of Istres Airbase
Back from a mission, and parked on the concrete of Istres Airbase
Like an unfeathered bird...   Dedicated personell acts professional !
On it's way to a new refuel mission   Backseater can look over the first man
 The also proud crew of this enormous Ilyushin 78, for refuelling Mirages during exercises
Inside the nose (L) of flying gasstation IL-78MKI and the upper Cockpit (R)
The board-mechanic      Taxiing out for the runway
Below the inside of the IL-78, almost completely filled with Kerosine for air-air refuelling
Walking from the front to the back, this tank seems te be endless !
Midas refuelles the Flankers during flight, also practicing on the French Mirages,... 
.... and the Flankers had their juice provided by the French Boeing C-135 FR tankers.
Learning from eachothers experiences and mistakes, to grow together ! 
Indian crew, disciplined to their tasks, just as we know it of the USA Blue Angels ! 
Special thanks to Commander Shreesh Mohan of Indian Airforce !


Mutual interests in practicing in Europe over France and England.
Kees Otten, Wim Das & Koos Heemskerk