More information about RoAF, published by Endre Karpati
Aranysas (Golden Eagle) collegue Endre Karpati published this large article, in English we present you our article
Dutch Aviation MEDIA was present here, a few pictires for your impression and our story
Romanian Airforce is showing out at Otopeni Airforce base, article impressions
Article impressions
Impression Otopeni Airforce base
Welcome international press ! (Right Mrs. Liliana Tanase and Captain Cristian Preda)
Impression Otopeni Airforce base, Hercules C-130B
IAR-330L  (Puma)
Antonov 30 'Clank'
Antonov 30 'Clank'
Hercules C-130B
Some roundels on fuselages
IAR-330L  (Puma)
IAR-330 Socat
Airforce authority buildings
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Special thanks to Endre Karpati of Aranysas, one team, one mission !